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"Welcome to Broken Brain Travel, your gateway to unforgettable family adventures in the world of Disney, all-inclusive getaways, and magical cruises. Our mission is to craft seamless and enriching travel experiences that cater to families and multi-generational groups, creating treasured memories that last a lifetime. As experts in Disney magic, all-inclusive luxury, and cruise journeys, we are committed to curating personalized itineraries that harmoniously blend the enchantment of Disney with the relaxation of all-inclusive resorts and the excitement of cruising. Our dedicated team understands the unique dynamics of family and multi-generational travel, and we work diligently to ensure every member of your group finds joy, connection, and wonder in every moment. At Infinite Horizons Travel, we believe in fostering bonds across generations through the shared love of travel and the magic of Disney, as we embark on limitless adventures together."

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Deep jungles of North Thailand

Take a  Cruise on Disney  Tresasure


Family Vacation at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Jessica R, Windsor,CO

Sarah is an amazing travel agent! I have booked 2 trips with her and am working on a third. The deals she has found us are amazing. I love that she will give us lots of options to consider and there is never any pressure to choose something fast. Sarah also does a great job of including extra activities that you could do when on vacation. She communicates in a very timely manner. When we went on our vacation she was very easy to reach for any questions or concerns. Our travel went so smoothly! I can confidently refer her to anyone looking for a travel agent!

Andi M Bakersfield, CA

Thank you so much! Broken Brain Travel helped me achieve my honeymoon dream! All on a payment plan that suited my needs. Very efficient and friendly. I hope to connect her again someday. 💖

Carol A Brush, CO

Broken Brain Travel has helped my family and I with our Disneyland and DisneyWorld family vacation for years.  We couldn't do any of our trips with out Broken Brain Travel.
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